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The city derives its name from Benda Kaluru, “place of boiled beans”. It was originally founded in 1531 by a local chieftain, Kempe Gowda, who built a mud fortress here that was later extended by Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan. During the British Raj the pleasant climate made it a popular garrison town with attractive parks and gardens, and the summer capital of the Madras Presidency. The spectacular growth of India’s boom town in electronics, software, telecommunications, back-office and call-centre support has not only greatly increased the population (to well over 6 million) but has also transformed the healthy climate; it is now several degrees hotter here now than it was 30 years ago. However, there are still pleasant walks to be had in Cubbon Park and in the terraced greenery of the botanical gardens of Lalbagh. A major transport centre, Bengaluru presents the modern face of India and has some of the country’s best accommodation, some excellent restaurants and lively bars. Also in Bengaluru is the headquarters of the Art of Living Foundation, the spiritual and humanitarian organisation founded by New Age guru and Hindu evangelist Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. It is also known as the Pub City with the highest number of pubs in any Indian city and as Garden City for its year round blossoms and greenery. The Government of Karnataka officially changed the name of the city from Bangalore to Bengaluru from 1 November 2006. Today's Bangalore is the proud host of the Indian Aeronautical Research and Development driven by Hindustan Aeronautical Limited (HAL).

The best mode of transportation to move around in Bangalore/Karnataka is the extensive taxi services which provides guest with a hassle free experience. With a wide fleet of private taxi service in Bangalore/Karnataka, you can be assured of a safe and comfortable ride through the beautiful sights of this place. Bangalore/Karnataka taxi service comes with chauffeur who will pick you up from any venue and will take you all around Bangalore. With more and more tourist turn up, Bangalore/Karnataka call taxi service in Bangalore has gained more importance and has soon become one of the major means of transportation among both national and international guests.


1) Mysore

The third largest city in Karnataka, Mysore has a royal history, a rich and regal heritage and an important center of art and culture. Having evolved from 'the royal city' to an upcoming IT hub, Mysore is an amazing mix of the traditional as well as modern attractions. From palaces and ornate temples to gardens and galleries, there are multiple attractions here to cater to every need. With over 600 years of legacy, Mysore is a flamboyant city with exceptional weather throughout the year.

2) Coorg

Located amidst imposing mountains in Karnataka with a perpetually misty landscape, Coorg is the place to be for all nature lovers. Coorg, officially known as Kodagu, is the most affluent hill station in Karnataka. It is well known for its breathtakingly exotic scenery and lush greenery. Forest covered hills, spice and coffee plantations only add to the landscape. Madikeri is the region's centre point with all transportation for getting around starting from here.

3) Chikballapur

Chikballapura town is located in the Chikballapura district, about 57km from Bangalore, Karnataka. It is an important port link in North Bangalore area and an educational hub. Nandi Hills, Bhoga Nandeehwara, Vivekananda Waterfalls and Yoga Nandesshwara temples are some of the famous places here providing opportunities of sight-seeing, rock climbing and exploring natural as well as man-made attractions. It is an important port link in North Bangalore area and an educational hub.

4) Srirangapatna

Located near Mysore, Srirangapatna is a religious city with cultural and historic importance, famous for its Ranganatha temple. An egg shaped river island, Srirangapatna has immense historical as well as religious importance with its rather interesting mix of tourist attractions like temples, tombs, military warehouses and palaces. Once the capital of Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan, this city is home to multiple sites of historical relevance. The multiple temples here are also major attractions.

5) Kabini

Once a private hunting area for the British, this famous wildlife destination has a rich variety of flora and fauna making it a gorgeous tourist spot. One of the best wildlife sanctuaries in Karnataka, the Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary was once a private hunting area for the British. Today, it attracts tourists from all over. It is a must see for all nature lovers and those looking for a perfect vacation amidst the lush greenery and imposing waterfalls. Kabini has in store hints of various elements of nature.

6) Shivanasamundram

Situated on the banks of river Kaveri, Shivanasamudra is essentially a hydropower project location but is more commonly known for its waterfalls. Literally meaning Shiva's Sea, this picturesque town with its rocky terrain and gushing waterfalls is a popular tourist destination with Gaganachukki, Shivanasamudra waterfall being the ones you don't want to miss. Tourists enjoy the calm amongst the roar of the cascading waters and the view from the vantage point.

7) Savandurga

Situated 60 kms to the west of Bangalore, Savandurga, considered to be one of the largest single rock formation in the whole of Asia. It comprises of two hills, Billigudda (white hill) and Karigudda (black hill) and has a temple situated at the foothill and a pond near by. The Akravati river can be seen from the top. It makes for an easy and picturesque trek and also has a perennial lotus pond in it. It is frequented by travelers for trekking, camping and rock climbing.

8) Nandi Hills

Small mounds near Bengaluru, Nandi hills serve as a great trekking destination and one of the most popular one day getaway for people in the metro. The small hillocks are a famous tourist spot, with a promise of a heavenly retreat into nature's abode. It is blessed with a pleasant climate throughout, its picturesque location featuring the misty mountains and the brilliant sunrise. The Yoganandeeshwara Temple which mounts the hill, with a stunning statue of Nandi (the bull) at its doorstep, grants the hills their name.

9) Lepakshi

Lepakshi is a small quaint village with a trail of several great kingdoms that once ruled the area. Located in Anantapur District of Andhra Pradesh, today this place is a trove of several fascinating archeological sites and beautiful ancient temples. Lepakshi is also renowned for showcasing the Vijayanagari style of architecture in its temples holding a reflection of its past relics. Each structure narrating a story of its own, this enchanting village also derives its name from Sanskrit language meaning 'rise o bird' and has folklore attached to it.

10) Talakad

Talakad is a small mystical town steeped in the glorious past and heritage nestled on the left banks of River Kaveri. The town has been a witness to the rise and falls of several great kingdoms including Cholas, Pallavas, Gangas, Vijayanagar and Hoysalas. Folklores and legends are hidden in every nook and corner of the town, trying to unearth from beneath the layers of sands that covers the town. Nicknamed as 'Kasi of the South', Talakad is adorned with five sacred Shivalingas giving this intriguing place a spiritual aura and a rustic charm.

11) Sravanabelagola

Located near Bengaluru, Sravanbelagola is an important Jain pilgrimage center with a 17 m tall sculpture of Lord Gomateswara called Bahubali statue as its prime attraction. Along with an intriguing historical past, this city is naturally blessed, being encompassed by mountains on either side with moderate climate. Attractions here are religious and constitute various temples and the prime attraction is the world's highest monolithic statue. Another location that one can visit is the Chandragupta Basadi, a Jain temple, said to be built by Emperor Ashoka.


Bangalore Palace

The majestic Bangalore palace, enclosed by beautiful gardens, is a famous tourist attraction in Bangalore. It is now owned by the Mysore Royal family. The Bangalore Palace is one of the most eye-catching tourist attractions in the city of Bangalore. Chamarajendra Wadiyar bought the original property in 1873 from the principal of Bangalore Central High School, Rev, J Garret, from his personal funds. The main building spreads across 45,000 square feet and it a mixture of Tudor and Scottish Gothic architecture. Apart from being a major tourist destination, it is also preferred for important events and other cultural programs. The wooden structure of the palace along with the splendid carvings both inside and outside the palace depicts various architectural styles and showcases the royal culture. It is said that King Chamarajendra Wadiyar drew his inspiration from the Windsor Castle of London.

Tipu Sultan's Palace

This monument is located inside the Tipu Sultan Fort. Built between 1781 and 1791, the Emperor referred to it as the 'Rash-e-Jannat' which means the abode of happiness and envy of heaven. Now, it has been converted into a museum and is maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India. The structure has two storeys and has wonderful wooden carvings that adorn the columns and balconies. The structure was built entirely teak and stands adorned with pillars, arches and balconies. It is believed that Tipu Sultan used to conduct his durbar from the eastern and western balconies of the upper floor. The structure was built entirely teak and stands adorned with pillars, arches and balconies. It is believed that Tipu Sultan used to conduct his durbar from the eastern and western balconies of the upper floor. The fort area also holds an art gallery that showcases numerous pictures, painting, photos and fine carvings of those lost times.

Vidhan Soudha

Vidhan Soudha is that one place which should be on your list to visit while in Bangalore. Spread over an area of more than 60 Acres, it houses the legislature and the Secretariat of the state of Karnataka. It also proudly boasts the title of being the largest state legislative building in the country. With four entrances in all four directions and four floors above the ground level and one below it, we surely don't doubt the title. Completed in the year 1956, this building has been constructed in the Dravidian Style of architecture. The construction of the building was carried out under the guidance of then chief minister of the state, Kengal Hanumanthaiah, and a total of around 18 million rupees were invested in the same. It houses 22 department of the state and a total of 300 rooms are present inside the building.

HAL Aerospace Museum

HAL Aerospace museum is India's first Aerospace museum established by HAL (Hindustan Aeronautical Limited) in 2001. It is located at the Old airport road as a part of HAL premise. The place is a must visit for all the people wishing to witness the glory and growth of the Indian Aviation Industry through the passage of time. This museum is an attempt by HAL, one of the best aerospace companies in Asia, to make Indian Nationals familiar with the intricacies and grandeur of the Aviation Industry in the country. The museum is managed and maintained by HAL itself and attract people from all age groups for them to witness something so exquisite. When there, you should definitely experience the flight simulator and go to the mock ATC tower. Also, collect a booklet for further information about the place when you visit the museum for a better understanding of everything.

Ulsoor Lake

Constructed by Kempe Gowda II in the 2nd century, this lake was earlier known as Halsur or Alasur. Although not fit for swimming, boating can be enjoyed at the lake. Ulsoor Lake is one of the biggest lakes in Bangalore which is located on the eastern side of the city. It draws its name from the name of the locality it is situated in, namely, Ulsoor, close to M G Road. Expanded over 50 hectares it has several islands. The present day lake was created by Sir Lewin Bentham Bowring, Bangalore's commissioner. Ulsoor or Halasuru, is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in the city of Bangalore. It is located in central Bangalore, and begins roughly near the eastern terminus of MG Road. It is quite known for its numerous temples and narrow streets.

Lumbini Gardens

Lumbini Gardens is a public park on the banks of the Nagawara Lake in Bangalore, Karnataka named after Lumbini of Nepal to dedicate to Lord Buddha of Nepal. It contains an eco-friendly boating park and a 12,500 square foot artificial beach and children_ã_s pool. The park has developed as an amusement park for children. You will also see families and young couples enjoying the rides and food from the near by food stalls. Located near the Nagwara lake, the Lumbini garden is one of its kind Garden attraction of Banglore. The garden garners great amount of visitors everyday of the week. The beautiful serene environment of the lake hosts the visitors with mesmerising view and activities that people come to enjoy with their loved ones. The Lumbini garden is dedicated to Lord Buddha is a very beautiful kids park and has a boating club which the visitors enjoy very much.

Cubbon Park

This park is a major sightseeing attraction, with 300 acres of green foliage. Having been laid down by Lord Cubbon, it is an ideal place for nature lovers and those seeking a calm atmosphere. It features a bandstand that hosts concerts. The Bangalore Aquarium is also situated in this park, and is a must visit in Bengaluru, being the second largest aquarium in India. First established in the year 1870 by Sri John Meade (acting Commissioner of Mysore), the Cubbon Park has a long history. Major General Richard Sankey(Chief Engineer of the State) conceived this park in honour of Sri John Meade. Initially, the park was called "Meade's Park" and later came to be known as the Cubbon Park. Since the introduction of the park, it was made and improved in many ways. The park was originally spread over 100 acres, which was later extended to 300 acres.

Lal Bagh

This botanical garden is a haven for all nature lovers. It was commissioned by Hyder Ali in 1760 and completed by Tipu Sultan. It is spread over 240 acres. The garden features rare plants of French, Persian and Afghani origin and has attained the status of a Government Botanical Garden. The Lal Bagh Rock which is over 3000 million years old is found here and is a major tourist attraction. Lalbagh Botanical Garden is located in Bangalore and is nationally and internationally renowned centre for botanical artwork, scientific study of plants and also conservation of plants. Covering an area 240 acres in the heart of the city it has nearly 1,854 species of plants. The garden also consists of the famous glass house where an annual flower show is held every year and is also a home to an aquarium and a lake.

Bannerghatta National Park

Housing the country's first butterfly park, this national park has a huge variety of fauna, making it one of the most enjoyable tourist attractions in the city. Tourists can also opt for Safari rides through the park. You can spot Lions, Tigers, Crocodiles amongst numerous other wildlife in the park. Located 22 km away from Bangalore, the Bannerghatta Biological park was established in 1971.The park is spread out to around 104.27 which includes ten Reserve Forests of Anekal Range of the Bangalore Forest Division. Bannerghatta is made up of the National Park, an Aquarium, a Zoo, Children's park, Crocodile Farm, Snake park, Prehistoric animals park and a Museum. There are also Safaris to see tigers and lions, and elephant ride is the main source of attraction of the Park.


The Bangalore Airport, located around 18 km away, is the nearest airport to Bangalore. The Bangalore Railway Station is located about 2 km away from the city centre and connects Bangalore to other major cities like Trivandrum, Cochin, Vellore, Coimbatore, Chennai, Delhi, and Mumbai.


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