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Mysore is a city in the Indian state of Karnataka, and the administrative seat of Mysore District, one of the largest districts in Karnataka. Patrons of art and culture the Wodeyars ruled Mysore kingdom and contributed significantly to the cultural growth of Mysore city. Mysore was the former capital of the Kingdom of Mysore until 1947. Mysore is the name by which Karnataka State was known prior to 1973. Mysore, the cultural capital of the Karnataka state, has many educational, commercial, administrative centers and heritage monuments. It was the home for many great musicians, music composers, dancers, Sanskrit scholars, writers and in general intellectuals. The city with the majestic Mysore Palace, the royal mansions, public buildings, gardens, water bodies and planned markets exhibit an indelible impression of the vision of the Maharajas, their Dewans and other talented luminaries on the City Municipality as early as 1862. The total harmony of buildings, sites, lakes, parks and open spaces of Mysore and the back drop of Chamundi hill adds to city’s attraction. Mysore is called the City of Palaces as a number of palaces are situated in the city. Ambavilas Palace, the main palace of Mysore is one of the most visited monuments in India, even beating Taj Mahal.Mysore is a tourism hot spot and also acts as a base for other tourist places in the vicinity of the city. The city receives the maximum number of tourists during the Dasara festival which signifies the triumph of good over the evil and the worship of Devi Chamundeswari, is being celebrated with much pomp and glory as a State festival.

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1) Bandipur National Park

At a distance of 80 Kms from Mysore, 70 Kms from Ooty & 215 Kms from Bangalore, Bandipur National Park is one of the well preserved National Parks in India. It is located in Chamarajanagar district on the border of Karnataka - Tamil Nadu between Mysore & Ooty. Nagarhole and Bandipur National Park are separated by Kabini reservoir. Spread across 874 Sq.Kms, the altitude of the park varies between 780-1455 meters. It is part of the famous Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve along with Nagarhole National Park, Mudumalai National Park (12 Kms towards Ooty) and Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary. Bandipur forests used to be the private game reserve of the Maharajas of Mysore.

2) Nagarhole National Park

At a distance of 10 km from Kutta, 20 km from Iruppu Falls, 62 km from Kalpetta, 88 km from Mysore, 88 km from Madikeri and 218 km from Bangalore, Nagarhole National Park is one of the best wildlife sanctuaries in South India. Also known as Rajiv Gandhi National Park, it is spread across Mysore and Kodagu districts in Karnataka. It was converted into a sanctuary in the year 1955 covering an area of 258 sq. km and subsequently enlarged to include the adjoining areas of Mysore district and now extends over an area of 643 sq. km. Nagarhole got National Park status in 1988 and declared as 37th Project Tiger Reserve in 1999. It is part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve.

3) Shravanabelagola

At a distance of 140 Kms from Bangalore, 50 Kms from Hassan & 83 Kms from Mysore, Shravanabelagola is one of the most popular Jain pilgrimage center in South India. This place is named after the pond in middle of the town (Bela-Kola means White Pond). This is one of the popular one day trip from Bangalore and a major heritage / historical site in Karnataka. Shravanabelagola is famous for the Bahubali Statue which is supposed to be the tallest monolithic stone statue in the world with a height of 58 feet carved out of a single block of granite. The Gomateswara temple is built on top of a hill at an altitude of 3347 feet, called as Vindhyagiri hill (also known as Doddabetta or Indragiri)

4) Srirangapatna

At a distance of 18 km from Mysore, 26 km from Mandya and 124 km from Bangalore, Srirangapatna or Srirangapattana is a historical town in Mandya district of Karnataka. Located near the city of Mysore, Srirangapatna is among the popular tourist places in Karnataka owing to its cultural, religious and historic importance. The entire town is surrounded by the river Kaveri to form a river island. According to history, Srirangapatna was founded by the rulers of Ganga dynasty in 9th century. However, the destination came into the limelight during the reign of the Vijayanagara Empire. The rise of the Wodeyar kings marked the downfall of the Vijayanagara Empire.

5) Shivanasamudra Falls

At a distance of 130 km from Bangalore & 81 km from Mysore, Shivanasamudra is a famous waterfall situated in Mandya District of Karnataka State. This is one of the best waterfalls near Bangalore and also among popular one day trip from Bangalore. These waterfalls are also known as Siva Samudram, literally meaning Shiva's Sea. Shivanasamudra is a segmented waterfall with several parallel stream formed adjacent to each other. Situated on River Kaveri, Shivanasamudra is among the popular Tourist places in Karnataka. The island of Shivanasamudra divides Kaveri River into two parts that form two waterfalls, one is Gaganachukki and the other is Bharachukki. Gaganachukki and Barachukki Falls are collectively called as Shivanasamudra Falls though Gaganachukki is most commonly represented as Shivanasamudra Falls.

6) Melukote / Melkote

At a distance of 50 Kms from Mysore, Melkote / Melukote also known as Thirunarayanapuram is a historic town where Sri Ramanujacharya lived in 12th century AD. Melkote is a popular center of pilgrimage center and has two different temples. The main temple is dedicated to Lord Cheluva Narayana Swamy. It is built on rocky hills known as Yadavagiri or Yadugiri overlooking the Kaveri valley. The deity is referred as Cheluvapille Raya whose original name appears to have been Ramapriya. Rayagopura, about 300 meters from Cheluva Narayana temple is an interesting place and a favorite shooting spot.

7) Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary (Near Ooty)

At a distance of 37 Kms from Ooty, 12 kms from Bandipur National Park, 92 Kms from Mysore & 570 Kms from Chennai, Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary is the first Sanctuary in South India set up in 1940. At an altitude of 1140 meters, the sanctuary is spread over 321 sq. kms on Ooty - Mysore road. It is one of the best wildlife sanctuaries in Tamilnadu. The sanctuary is situated on Karnataka-Kerala border adjacent to Bandipur National Park of Karnataka and Wayanad (Muthanga) Wildlife Sanctuary of Kerala. It is rich in wildlife, like Elephants, Gaur, Tiger, Panthere, Spotted Deer, Barking Deer, wild boar, Porcupine etc., and many birds and reptiles.

8) Janapada Loka / Folk Art Museum

At a distance of 52 Kms from Bangalore City Railway Station, the Folk Art Museum or Janapada Loka is situated on the Bangalore - Mysore highway near Ramanagaram. This is one of the popular places of interest in Bangalore. Numerous collections of masks, artifacts, costumes, collection of folk music and videos of folk dances are exhibited in the museum. Spread over 15 acres, the artifacts in the museum are kept in three buildings namely Lokamahal, Lokamatha Mandira and Chitrakuteera. In Lokamahal the visitors can find interesting folk puppets, utensils, instruments, weapons and masks. In Lokamatha Mandira a wide variety of baskets, utensils and earthen jars are featured which were used to store & grain pickles. In the Chitrakuteera a number of photographs covering different aspects of folk life is displayed.

9) Channapatna

At a distance of 58 Kms from Bangalore towards Mysore, Channapatna is a small town famous for wooden toys. This place is also famous for door hangings, powder boxes and traditional jewellery. Fort of Jagadevaraya family built sometime during 16th century is also an interesting place to visit in Channapatna. Timmapparaja Urs mansion, a three storied building made of brick and mortar and was home to Timmapparaja is also worth visiting. The building is a typical example of Hindu mansion from 19th century. Other places include Varadaraja temple, an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The idol was installed by Sri Ramanujacharya. Other temples that are worth visiting in Channapatna include Lakshminarayana and Nilakanteswara Temples.

10) Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary

At a distance of 16 Kms from Mysore & 3 Kms from Srirangapatna, Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary is a small sanctuary spread across 67 sq.kms. The sanctuary comprises of six islets on the banks of the Kaveri River. It was declared in 1940 as a result of many requests from Dr Salim Ali who surveyed the birds in this area. Since then, the sanctuary has become a paradise for bird watchers. The sanctuary is a breeding ground for many migratory birds from all over the world. It is home to a wide species of birds including cormorants, darters, white ibis, spoon billed storks, open billed storks, painted storks, white necked storks, egrets, herons, terns, swallows, kingfishers, sandpiper etc.

11) Biligiri Ranga Hills / BR Hills

At a distance of 85 km from Mysore, 40 km from Chamarajanagar and 170 km from Bangalore, the Biligiri Ranga Hills popularly known as the BR Hills is a lofty hill range in Chamarajanagar district of Karnataka. It is considered to be the wildlife corridor that connects Eastern Ghats to Western Ghats. This is one of the popular tourist places to visit near Mysore & Bangalore. BR Hills is famous for BRT Wildlife Sanctuary (Biligiri Rangaswamy Temple Wildlife Sanctuary). The sanctuary is situated at an altitude of 5091 feet and is spread across an area of 540 km. It was declared a tiger reserve in 2010 by the Karnataka State Government. The highest peak within the sanctuary is the Kattari Betta. The wildlife sanctuary is inhabited by a number of animals including elephants, sloth bears, bison, deer, porcupines and a number of other wild animals.

12) Chunchanakatte Falls

At a distance of 55 Kms from Mysore, Chunchanakatte Falls is a famous waterfall formed by Cauvery River. The river flows into Chunchanakatte forming a 60 feet tall and about 350 feet wide waterfall. Legend describes that Lord Rama during his tenure in the forests stayed in this place on the behest of the tribal couple Chuncha and Chunchi. There is a belief that Goddess Sita took holy bath in this place and till now the water colour in that area looks like mixed with turmeric and other holy powders used for pooja. he place is very scenic surrounded by waterfalls and greenery. Lord Kodanda Rama temple is situated just beside the waterfalls.

13) Kokkare Bellur Bird Sanctuary

At a distance of 71 Kms from Mysore, 85 Kms from Bangalore City Junction, Kokkare Bellur Bird Sanctuary is located in Mandya District of Karnataka and is about 20 km from Mandya. The name of the village is derived from Kokkare meaning stork and Bellur meaning village of jaggery. This is one of the popular tourist places to visit near Bangalore & Mysore. The Mandya district is famous for sugarcane fields and this village is famous for having large colonies of Painted Storks and Spot-billed Pelicans nesting in trees within the village. It is home to cranes, painted storks and pelicans. The best season to visit the migratory birds is October to March.

14) Golden Temple / Tibetan Monastery - Bylakuppe

At a distance of 34 km from Madikeri, 4.5 km from Kushalnagar, 7 km from Cauvery Nisargadhama & 87 km from Mysore, the Golden Temple or Namdroling Monastery is a beautiful Buddhist Monastery situated at Bylakuppe. It is one of the most popular tourist places to visit in Coorg. Bylakuppe is the second largest Tibetans settlement in India after Dharamshala. Bylakuppe is a Tibetan refugee settlement area established by Lugsum Samdupling in 1961 and Dickyi Larsoe in 1969 and is situated to the west of Mysore district close to Bangalore - Coorg route. The main tourist attraction here is the magnificent Buddhist Golden Temple. Namdroling Monastery is the largest teaching center of Nyingmapa (a lineage of Tibetan Buddhism) in the world and houses over 5000 monks and nuns. Bylakuppe is one of the prime attractions of Coorg.

15) Cauvery Nisargadhama

At a distance of 29 Kms from Madikeri, 3 Kms from Kushalnagar, 7 km from Bylakuppe & 12 km from Dubare Elephant Camp (close to the main road between Madikeri - Kushalnagar), Cauvery Nisargadhama is an island formed by the River Cauvery. This man-made island was built in 1988 and is spread over a sprawling 35-acre land. It is one of the most scenic places in Coorg and famous picnic spot for families. The island is filled with thick bamboo groves, sandalwood and teak trees and surrounded by the Kaveri River. The island is accessible through a hanging rope bridge. There are deer, rabbits, peacocks, and a children's playground and orchidarium.

16) Harangi Dam

At a distance of 34 Kms from Madikeri & 10 Kms from Kushalnagar, Harangi Dam is built against a small stream, a tributary of river Cauvery at Hadgur village. The dam is 846 meters long with a height of 47 meters. The dam attracts large crowd during the monsoon season when the gates are opened and the water is released. It is one of the popular sightseeing places in Coorg. The backwaters are spread across several acres with small islands in the middle and thick forest on the banks. There is a small garden near the dam and a stone statue of Goddess Cauvery. Just around the reservoir there is Chamundeshwari Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva & Goddess Parvathi.

17) Ramanagara

At a distance of 54.5 km from Bangalore City Junction and 95 km from Mysore Junction, Ramanagara is a town in Karnataka. It is also the headquarters of Ramanagara district. It is base for few good short trekking trails near Bangalore. Ramanagara is famous for its silk market, giving it the other name of Silk town. The Ramanagara district is surrounded by seven majestic hills Shivaramagiri, Yatirajagiri, Somagiri, Krishnagiri, Revana Siddeshwara hill, Jala Siddeshwara hill and Sidilakallu hill. The town has an Agrahara on the left bank of the Arkavati with a temple of Arkeshwara built in later Vijayanagara style. The temple is said to have been renovated by Krishna raja Wodeyar III.

18) Bheemeshwari

At a distance of 103 km from Bangalore City Junction and 58 km from Mandya and 84 km from Mysore Junction, Bheemeshwari is a small town in Mandya district of Karnataka. It is located between the Shivanasamudra Falls and Mekedatu on River Cauvery. This is one of the popular tourist places to visit near Bangalore and a well known place for the activities of trekking and adventure near Bangalore city, apart from being a famous Bangalore weekend getaway for one day trip. Bheemeshwari is a great spot for eco-tourism and is a natural habitat for the Mahseer fish found in the waters of the Cauvery River. Mahseer is considered as one of the finest game fish in the world. A number of fishing camps have been developed here where professional and amateur anglers can catch mahseer.


Mysore Palace

The former residence of the royal family of Mysore, the Mysore Palace is an extremely breath-taking example of the Indo-Saracenic style of architecture. It was built in the year 1912 for the 24th Ruler of the Wodeyar Dynasty and is till date one of the biggest palaces in the country. It's one of the most popular and well-known tourist attractions in India. Located in Mysore in the state of Karnataka, the Mysore Palace, also known as the Amba Vilas Palace, is one of the grandest and most magnificent palaces in India. Known as the 'City of Palaces', Mysore houses several other palaces but none come close to the grandeur of the Mysore Palace. The present day palace is located inside the Old Fort. Before it was built and rebuilt, the royal family resided in the nearby Jagmohan Palace. The architectural style of the palace is a blend of Hindu, Muslim, Saracenic and Gothic styles of architecture, broadly considered to be a part of the Indo-Saracenic style of architecture in India.

Mysore Zoo

One of the best zoological gardens in India, it was established in the year 1892 by Maharaja Chamaraja Wodeyar for the royals and handed over to the Department of Parks and Gardens of the State Govt on attaining freedom. Along with being home to various species of birds, mammals and reptiles, this zoo also engages in captive breeding of exotic and endangered species. Mysore Zoo, officially called the Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens, covers an area of 157 acres and is located near the palace in Mysore, India. It is one of the oldest and most popular zoos in India, and is home to a wide range of species and is one of the city's most popular attractions. Various exhibitions are regularly held here with an insect exhibition stealing the show. The Karanji Lake was put under Zoo jurisdiction in 1976 and since has been a calm and serene place for boating.


The Keshava temple at Somanathapura is another magnificent Hoysala monument, perhaps the last. This is a breathtakingly beautiful Trikuta Temple dedicated to Lord Krishna in three forms – Janardhana, Keshava and Venugopala. Unfortunately, the main Keshava idol is missing, and the Janardhana and Venugopala idols are damaged. Still this temple is worth a visit just to soak in the artistry and sheer talent of the sculptors who created this magnificent monument to the Divine. The Keshava temple is built on a raised platform with an outer Pradakshina pathway. The temple has a stellar plan with three shrines and Vimanas. The walls are covered in beautiful friezes of scenes from the epics, figures of elephants and battle scenes depicting cavalry. The section above this is covered with carvings of various deities.

Chamundeshwari Temple

The Chamundeshwari temple is located on the eastern edge of Mysore at height of 1000ft on the Chamundi hills. The temple is dedicated to goddess Durga. There are two options for tourists to reach the temple either by steps or by driving through interweaved valley road. The Temple also has statues of Nandi and Mahishasura the demon. The Chamundeshwari temple is one of the oldest temples in the palace city of Mysore and is a must see attraction. Thousands of Devotee's every year visit to pray and feel the divine aura of the deity of the temple goddess Durga. Located atop the chamundi hills the temple is less crowded usually and is a beautiful architecture one would admire. The Chamundeshwari temple has statues of the Demon Mahishasura, you can see is enormous statues when driving upto the temple.

Brindavan Gardens

Built across the Kaveri river, these beautiful gardens were constructed by Krishnaraja Wodeyar. These gardens spread over 60 acres of land and were modelled after the Shalimar gardens of Kashmir. The beauty of these gardens multiplies in the evenings when the fountains light up in various colours. Started in 1927 and completed in 1932, the Brindavan Gardens is located in the State of Karnataka adjoining the Krishnarajasagara dam which is built across the river Kaveri. The garden sees tourist visit of almost 2 million per year and is one of the major attractions of Srirangapatna.

St. Philomena's Church

The St. Philomena's Church has been recognized as Asia's second largest church. It was constructed to pay tribute to the Catholic Saint and martyr of Roman Catholic Church, Saint Philomena. It is one of the most important historical sites in Mysore and is frequently visited by tourists from all over the country. It is beautiful and one of the most distinct landmarks of the city. The church looks even more beautiful in the evening sky and is given religious importance.

Jaganmohan Palace

Jaganmohan Palace placed in the princely city of Mysore was completed in 1861 and was initially used by the Wodeyars, kings of Mysore as their home when the Amba Vilas Palace was under construction after the old palace turned into ashes due to a fire accident. It is now converted into an art gallery and a function hall. The palace is one of the seven palaces of the royal city of Mysore and one of the most beautiful contributions of the Wodeyar Kings of the city during their reign. The royal family has numerous contributions not only to Mysore but also to some of the most important present metropolitans like Bangalore.

Karanji lake

The Karanji Lake is a perfect site for relaxing and celebrating a day out with the family. People usually come here to celebrate picnics with their loved ones. They are allowed to bring packed food, and there is a coffee shop as well situated near the lake for the coffee lovers. It is a beautiful place to explore the different species of birds as the lake contains as many as 147 species including herons, Asian open bill storks, cormorant, gray pelican, etc. thereby making it a mind drawing place for the bird watchers.


Nestled on the banks of River Cauvery, Talakadu is a town known for its sand dunes. With a rich past and heritage, the town is also quite famous among the devotees who come here for a special worship. Steeped with rich past and heritage, the town of Talakadu is a mystic place submerged in the sand of extremely fine quality. It is famous for its Vaidyanatheshwara Temple dedicated to lord Shiva. The place derives its name from two local chieftains Tala and Kada and thus is called Talakadu.

Rail Museum

The Mysore Rail Museum is the second of its kind in India, right after the National Railways Museum of Delhi. It was in the year 1979 by the Indian Railways. This museum basically depicts the journey and development of the Indian railways through an opulent collection of photographs and various other items. The Rail Museum has a captivating collection of locomotives. Most of the exhibits were earlier placed at the Mysore Palace which was later shifted here. The museum has an interesting collection of displays. The first steam engine along with the first signals made is exhibited here. There are also wooden pillars and doors belonging to the Old Srirangapatna railway station.

Folklore Museum

The Folklore Museum of Mysore, Karnataka is a rich reservoir of over 6500 unique folklore items including elements from dance, music, art, literature and drama. It was established in the year 1968 in Jayalakshmi Vilas Mansion of Mysore. With time the museum has increased its collection of arts and artefacts and witnessed increasing footfalls. The museum's gallery is divided into different wings and each of those displays objects from different walks of life. Some interesting exhibits here include props, masks, puppets, sawdust dolls of regional and historical influences, crowns, and figurines of kings, queens, saints, hermits, soldiers and folk deities.

Trinesvaraswamy Temple

Trinesvaraswamy Temple is one among the ancient temples in Mysore which has rich cultural, religious and historical significance. Trinesvaraswamy Temple is believed to be more than 450 years old as it existed even during the reign of Raja Wodeyar (1578-1617). The temple, in its initial days was located outside the Mysore Fort or Mysore Palace, on the bank of the Devaraya Sagar or Doddakere, facing the fort. When the Mysore Fort was enlarged during the reign of Kanthirava Narasaraja Wodeyar (1638-1659) and his successor Dodda Devaraja Wodeyar (1659-1672), Trinesvaraswamy Temple came within the Palace complex.

GRS fantasy park

GRS Fantasy Park is a theme based amusement park and one of the favourites among the locals of Mysore. It offers some really amusing rides and activities making it a perfect spot for friends and families to hang out. Located just 15 minutes drive from Mysore; GRS Fantasy Park is an amusement cum Water Park that serves perfectly as a picnic spot for everyone. Set amid a lush green environment on the Mysore-Bangalore highway, it has been a part of several memorable holidays and unforgettable memories for the past 13 years.


Mysore is a temple town located on the banks of Kabini river. The temple is built in the Dravidian style. It houses three main deities, Lord Nanjundeshwara, Goddess Parvathi and Lord Vishnu with Sridevi and Bhudevi. During the procession of the chariot festival, shivalingas, mantapas and other idols are used. The temple built in 300-1000 CE during the reign of the Ganga dynasty. Later on, renovations were also done by the Hoysalas. That time the deity was called 'Hakim Nanjunda'. This name was being suggested by Tipu Sultan, when his elephant got cured through the prayers offered to the deity. From that day, the deity is considered as a healer among the worshippers and the devotees take a holy dip in the Kapila river after they are done with performing their rituals. They believe the ritual would cleanse them of their diseases. Lord Srikanteshwara is also known as Nanjundeshwara.

City Shopping

Like most cities, Mysore too has not been immune to the onslaught of consumerism and the city’s landscape has changed gradually to reflect this mood. And yet, happily, it continues to proffer all that is famous for. From silks and sculptures to incense sticks and flowers, Mysore is a shopper’s delight. There’s an ancient Devaraja Market, the repository of all that Mysore is known for such as jasmine, betel leaves and incense sticks. Besides, streets like Devaraja Urs Road and Sayyaji Rao Road, and areas such as Gandhi Square and KR Circles have an abundance of shops sitting cheek by jowl to satiate the shopping urge. By far, Devaraja Market with its colourful, pungent and noisy atmosphere is a fascinating place to be. It is also fun to walk along Devaraja Urs Road and Sayyaji Rao Road, just window shopping or browsing through their wares where you will find old traditional stores rubbing shoulders with those selling denims and other contemporary wear.

Srikanteswara Temple

Nanjangud, one of the ancient and well-known pilgrimage centers of Karnataka is at a distance of about 25kms from Mysore and is famous for its temple dedicated to Shiva described as Nanjundeshwara. Nanjunda means one who has consumed poison and this legend relates to the churing of the ocean when Shiva had to consume haalahala. Nanjunda became Visha kanta and also Srikanta for having digested it. Hence the deity is also known as Srikanteshwara, one cures diseases. The town is situated on the banks of the Kapila or Kabini River where a dip in its waters on any momentous occasion is considered to be more meritotious than a dip in the Ganges. It is therefore hailed as Dakshina Kashi. In addition, the waters and the soil around the banks are believed to possess curative properties and thus, Sri Nanjundeshwara is also worshipped as bhavaroga vaidya. Tippu Sultan called him Hakim Nanjunda and gifted an emerald Linga and a valuable emerald necklace as votive offerings for having cured his favourite elephant of an eye disease.


The Mysore Airport, located around 10 km away, is the nearest airport to Mysore. The Mysore Railway Station is located about 3 km away from the city centre and connects Mysore to other major cities like Trivandrum, Cochin, Vellore, Coimbatore, Chennai, Delhi, and Mumbai.


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