9 Ways to Become a Successful Travel Blogger

Travel blogging is a crowded field — and it gets more crowded day by day. And a lot of the advice that people give are actually counterintuitive to your success. It takes a lot of hard work to be successful in this industry. After years of doing this, here are our 9 tips for running a blog that’s successful.

Visiting South India on a Budget

South India is very different to the north and is renowned for its remarkable and dramatic scenery as well as its fine food, Ayurvedic traditions, rich cultural history and tantalizing temples. India by Cabs and Driver prides itself of being able to offer a range of tours that enable visitors to enjoy all aspects of the rich South – from sprawling coffee and tea plantations to magnificent beaches; life in a hill station to escape the heat of the summer; or a relaxing backwater trip in Kerala. As with all our Cabs, you can choose one, or combine several to make the perfect trip....

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How These 5 People Found The Path to Their Dream Trip

Last year, we announced a case study program, in which we would work with a cross-section of readers and help them plan and execute their trips. Step-by-step, we walked them through all the stages of travel planning and helped them create a roadmap toward their dream. Nearly a year later, here are their results.